Put us to correct the problem - and we will find a solution.


Put us to correct the problem - and we, Inventors, engineers, mechanics, scientists and specialists on strength, we will find a solution.

We are the group of engineers and scientists from Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities, as well as from Moscow and former Leningrad, created a partnership to implement in a new environment for us, our vast experience in the industry. Among us are engineers, candidates and doctors of science, honored innovators and inventors of the USSR, experts in many fields of engineering, transport and energy, machine building and agricultural machine, electro mechanics and electronics, control systems and security systems, electro hydraulically and electro pneumatically systems . We also work in related fields, including the humanitarian field.

On the site, as an illustration, there are some of our inventions, and included only those which embedded in its time on practice. In the "News" section we publish valid information on recent developments made our participants, as well as articles or essays of those members of our association, representing the public interest, or other results of our creativity, reflecting our interests.

Our goal would see helping young entrepreneurs or teams who do not have a solid scientific and engineering base in the implementation of ideas or tasks in the above-mentioned fields. 

We offer cooperation to collectives, individuals and, of course, entrepreneurs and businessmen.








Из опусов В.И.Копуся

 Помещаем роман в стихах Копуся Виталия Ивановича "Из ниоткуда в никуда"

Ttraction drive for the frame hanged traction motors of TЭП10-315 locomotive, 1967.

Described the first native Russian traction drive of the wheel set from the traction motor, suspended on the bogie frame of the locomotive.

Тяговый механический привод тепловоза ТЭП10-315

Первый оригинальный отечественный тяговый привод от электродвигателя к колесной паре локомотива.

Появилась карта сайта.

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